Course curriculum

  • 1

    Section 1: Lay the Foundation

    • #1 About Beryle Uza and Her Presentation on 'The Future of Work'

    • #1 The Future of Work - Beryle Uza (Career Advancement Summit)

    • #2 About Kimunya Mugo and His Presentation

    • Workbooks to Kimunya's Talk to Help You Create Your Own Mission Statement & Values

    • #2 The Art of Significance - Kimunya Mugo (Career Advancement Summit)

    • #3 About Doris Muigei and Her Presentation on 'Creating Your Odyssey Plan'

    • #3 Create Your Odyssey Plan - Doris Muigei (Career Advancement Summit)

  • 2

    Section 2: Raise Your Productivity

    • #4 About Lucy Muthaura and Her Presentation on 'Raising Your Personal Productivity'

    • #5 About Angela Kagume and Her Presentation on 'Managing Difficult Bosses & Co-workers'

    • #5 Managing Difficult Bosses & Co-workers - Angela Kagume (Career Advancement Summit)

  • 3

    Section 3: Tell Your Career Story

    • #6 About Beryle Uza and Her Presentation on 'How Recruiters Narrow Down on Candidates'

    • #6 Find out How Recruiters Narrow Down on Candidates - Beryle Uza (Career Advancement Summit)

    • #7 About Vicky Karuga and Her Presentation on 'Understanding Recruiting Assessments'

    • #7 Understanding Recruiting Assessments - Vicky Karuga (Career Advancement Summit)

  • 4

    Section 4: Win Over Your Recruiter

    • #8 About Juliet Gateri and Her Presentation on 'What Sets Great Senior Candidates Apart'

    • #8 What Sets Great Senior Candidates Apart - Juliet Gateri (Career Advancement Summit)

    • #9 About Sehar Neky and Her Presentation on 'Finding a Great Job Back Home after Working Abroad '

    • #9 Been Working Abroad? Find a Great Job Even Before Landing - Sehar Neky (Career Advancement Summit)

    • About Doris Muigei and Her Presentation on 'Beating the Recruiting Systems'

    • #10 Beat the Recruiting Systems - Doris Muigei (Career Advancement Summit)

  • 5

    Section 5: Build Yourself (3 out of 4 most in-demand skills for the Future of Work)

    • #11 About Emmanuel Nandokha and His Presentation on 'Using Creativity and Innovation for Personal Success'

    • #11 Using Creativity & Innovation for your Personal Success - Emmanuel Nandokha (Career Advancement Summit)

    • #12 About Joan Ruto and Her Presentation on 'Tips to Help You Become a Better Public Speaker'

    • #12 - Tips to Help You with Public Speaking - Joan Ruto (Career Advancement Summit)

    • #13 About Sarah Karingi and Her Presentation on 'Networking Like a Pro'

    • #13 Learn How to Network like a Pro - Sarah Karingi (Career Advancement Summit)

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